Bawabati for Employment Initiative

Bawabati for Employment is a joint initiative of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) and the Ministry of Labor of Jordan that targets recent graduates of Jordanian universities. It provides them with training opportunities to become equipped with skills that meet labor market requirements. In addition, they acquire tools to build better careers and eventually attain a higher level of efficacy and professionalism in the labor market in different areas of specialization in businesses operating in Jordan. All in all, this will contribute to bridging the gap between graduates’ competencies and labor market needs and result in a positive impact on the national economy.


This initiative, a joint project of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) and the Ministry of Labor, aims to help jobseekers of all categories, qualifications and positions through a comprehensive process within a long-term and sustainable strategic plan. To this end, the initiative aims to qualify jobseekers to meet market requirements.

Program and Mechanism of Implementation:

First: Companies shall be jointly selected and approved as partners in the project by TAG.Global and the Ministry of Labor.

Second: The program shall include initial training for a period of three weeks followed by practical training from six months to one year. Training shall be based on several subjects covering scientific, personal and soft skills which assist in shaping personality, expanding horizons and enhancing self-confidence.

Third: The program shall give trainees an opportunity of productive work and obtaining a certificate of experience, awarded by the Ministry or TAG.Global, thus helping them in finding a job in any company or sector.

Fourth: A company hosting the trainee shall pay one-month salary according to the nature of the job and trainee's qualifications to cover basic requirements and transportation expenses under a special internship contract.

Fifth: The training shall focus on performing actual, useful and practical tasks, thereby productively contributing to the business of the company.

Sixth: The trainee may be appointed as a full-time employee if the company decides so.

Seventh: This program shall include all educational levels, not only university and college graduates, but also other categories of jobs and workers.

Eighth: TAG Knowledge Center, which was established at the employment office of the Ministry of Labor- Abdali, shall provide, manage and supervise qualification programs, where all jobseekers may benefit from obtaining training, qualification and experience certificates.

Ninth: The project seeks to achieve employment of jobseekers in all companies and organizations throughout the country by opening knowledge centers in all governorates.

Importance of the Initiative:

Host companies shall be provided with the special internship contract of the program, which does not obligate them to pay end-of-service rewards or social security unless the internship contract is transformed into a fulltime employment contract.

 The importance of this initiative lies in:

First: Reducing the level of unemployment among youth.

Second: Bridging the gap between graduates’ competences and labor market requirements, which will have a positive impact on Jordan’s economy and sustainable development.

Third: Providing the labor market with high level of competence and professionalism through various specializations.

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