Intellectual Property Officer

Job ID 998 Intellectual Property Officer
Posted date 07-Jan-2016
Deadline 30-Jan-2021
Job Location Afghanistan - Bangladesh - Tanzania
Educational Degree Bachelors
Target Society Administrator,
Law - Intellectual Property
Career Level 1-3 years experience, Junior
Skills Good command of the English Language (wrinting and speaking)
Languages English
Responsibilities • Enlightening people on the relevance and importance of intellectual property
• Managing the Intellectual Property portfolio of the clients
• Working collectively and collaboratively with the management to draft plans on a monthly or annual basis to achieve pre-determined objectives
• Identifying potential clients and markets
• Delivering monthly reports to help the management keep track of their performance and keeping it informed of the latest results
• Preparing proposals to the management whenever you find scope for new services or an expansion of the existing services in the market
• Monitoring, measuring and re-evaluating day to day sales activities so as to achieve the pre-determined targets
• Maintaining efficient communication and cooperation between AGIP departments and the other TAGorg members
Job Type Full Time Job

Information About the candidates
Gender Any
Notice Period 1 month or less
Employer Profile Abu-Ghazaleh Professional Recruitment is a member of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, the largest Arab group of professional firms in the field of accounting, management consulting, training, intellectual property, legal services, information technology, capacity building, credit information, legal translation, professional training, credit information and professional recruitment services.