Marketing Manager

Job ID 1142 Marketing Manager
Posted date 11-Feb-2018
Deadline 30-Jun-2018
Job Location New Zealand - South Korea and Australia
Educational Degree Bachelors
Target Society Marketing,
Business - Administration
Career Level 6-10 years experience, Mid-Management
Skills / Qualifications  coordinating with tagorg departments & companies including the proposals department and offices for marketing processes.,
 contacting current and potential clients for possible new businesses.,
 excellent communication skills.,
 sen. ,
 good time management skills.,
 well organized.,
 excellent facilitation and negotiation skills.,
 excellent command of english,
 excellent computer skills.,
 market analysis & market research.,
 internet search skills.,
 writing skills.
Languages Arabic,English
Skills / Qualifications  Developing sales strategies and setting sales targets in order to maximize an TAGOrg’s sales and customer loyalty.
 Directing the process of implementing strategies to promote the TAGOrg’s services to as many clients as possible.
 Generating increased demand on TAGOrg’s services through the creation and reinforcement of 'brand image' or 'brand loyalty'
 Building and maintaining TAGOrg’s image and reputation with its customers, investors and the wider public.
 Establishing sales forecasts.
 Developing client proposals.
 Establishing and maintaining outstanding customer satisfaction.
 Ensuring that work processes and procedures are well documented and updated.
 Implementing office marketing and business development plan.
 Creating, developing and participating in professional networks through; social media, shows, exhibitions, conferences..etc.
 Representing TAGorg in various events; meetings, committees, task-forces, conferences, clients visits…etc.
 Preparing marketing material and tools; letters, adv., articles, press releases.
 Contacting –by any mean; phone, e-mail, personal visits, meetings…etc.- current and potential clients, to create and maintain a positive professional relationship, and to create new business opportunities.
 Composing reports to direct supervisor as required.
 Suggesting and supporting the holding of professional events that help AGIP in developing it businesses.
 Visiting the official departments and ministries to support and enhance businesses.
 Performing other duties assigned by the direct supervisor.
Job Type Full Time Job

Information About the candidates
Gender Any
Notice Period 1 month or less
Employer Profile Abu-Ghazaleh Professional Recruitment is a member of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, the largest Arab group of professional firms in the field of accounting, management consulting, training, intellectual property, legal services, information technology, capacity building, credit information, legal translation, professional training, credit information and professional recruitment services.