Accounts Payable Officer

Job ID 1107 Accounts Payable Officer
Posted date 09-Aug-2017
Deadline 30-Nov-2017
Job Location Jordan - Amman
Educational Degree Bachelors
Target Society Accounting,
Career Level 3-5 years experience , Senior
Skills / Qualifications minimum 3 years of experience in accounting position with medium business/medium ngo/government agency ,
experience with humanitarian aid in-coun is a plus.,
practical knowledge of financial systems budget/cash flow monitoring and internal accounting controls.,
1. computer aptitude and experience with word processing management and sadsheet software,
2. proficiency in written and spoken english and local language,
3. ability to travel within the coun,
4. analytical skills and good attention to details
Languages Arabic,English
Skills / Qualifications % Time Major Activities End Results Expected
10% A. Local (Government) Reporting
1. Ensure Compliance with Local legislation, WVI and donor requirements.
2. Ensure accurate and timely submission of tax, social security and other mandatory reports required by local governmental bodies.

• All reports required by local legislation ( Income tax, social security and other reports) are prepared and submitted within deadlines set by Legislation
90% C. Accounting, Compliance and Monitoring
1. Ensure review of the source documents/ payment packages before processing the payments to ensure alignment with local legislation and WVI and donor regulations.
2. Ensure accurate and timely financial data into the standard registers as required.
3. Ensure payments are processed within 3 working days after complete supporting documents submitted to the Accounting
4. Ensure all bank accounts balances
reconciled monthly
5. Ensure all submitted EERs are reviewed timely and there are no outstanding advances to the staff.
6. Assist Accounting team Lead in audit preparation to provide required information
7. Assist the Reporting and Analysis team with monthly reconciliations as required
8. Perform site and partner monitoring visits

• Source documents and payment packages are reviewed and all outstanding issues are addressed before processing
• All cash and bank transactions are made into standard register on a daily basis
• All payments processed within 3 working days after complete supporting documents submitted to the accounting.
• Bank balances per books are the same with balances in Bank statement.
• Employee advances are cleared within the deadline.
• All accounts are reconciled and necessary adjustments are made

Job Type Full Time Job

Information About the candidates
Gender Any
Notice Period 1 month or less
Employer Profile Confidential client